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Hitler Again?

April 12, 2013


For 10 years, I engineered and helped produce a Christian radio program for children. I followed the industry and went to a national¬†conference in Texas to hang out with others in the Christian radio scene. I found some common interest with other engineers and younger Christians, but found many of the older broadcasters to be […]

At the Church Library

May 13, 2011


At church recently, one of the pastors asked the question “Do faith in God and science contradict?” Immediately I was jabbed in both sides. My wife on my right and my youngest sister on my left each felt the need to elbow me and tell me to calm down, even though I was sitting peacefully, […]

Truth or Consequences

February 16, 2011


Debating evolution can be interesting, even fun – but sometimes I get a little frustrated when people try to make it about all Nazis or other unrelated stuff. It seems that some prefer avoiding the science and arguing that Darwin led to the Holocaust, racism, and even school shootings. These are bogus claims to be […]

Dueling Revelations

July 31, 2010


At a recent convention of theologians, Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler gave a speech explaining why he believes the universe must be young and how important this position is for all Christians.¬† It was a good speech explaining the mindset behind this idea, and his method can quickly be understood by this statement at […]

Why This Is Here

April 23, 2010


Welcome to my blog. I plan to discuss various topics centering around theology, philosophy, and science, and I hope you can join the conversation. I’ll be starting with a series of posts exploring evolution and the surrounding debate from the perspective of a thoughtful Christian. I have read extensively on the issue, and I have […]