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Darwin Quiz

February 12, 2015


I made a quiz for NewsUp that ran on Darwin’s birthday. It’s a little online fun aimed at separating fact from fiction concerning Darwin’s life and work. Try it out let me know how you did.  

Stumping Dawkins?

January 24, 2015


“Can you give an example of a genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the information in the genome?” This question was asked to biologist Richard Dawkins by a film crew for a creationist documentary. Dawkins paused for a while, asked to stop the tape, and the internet is still […]

Hitler Again?

April 12, 2013


For 10 years, I engineered and helped produce a Christian radio program for children. I followed the industry and went to a national┬áconference in Texas to hang out with others in the Christian radio scene. I found some common interest with other engineers and younger Christians, but found many of the older broadcasters to be […]

Are You A Primate?

August 20, 2012


Are you a primate? Scientists say that you are. They’ve been saying it before Darwin came along, and people have been arguing with them ever since. Is there a significant physical difference between humans and other primates which can be used to get us out of that classification? In the 1700’s, Carl Linnaeus began to […]

Darwin at the Abbey

February 12, 2011


Today marks the birthday of that loved and hated British naturalist, Charles Darwin. I came across a sermon by N.T. Wright which happens to convey some of the attitudes toward Darwin, and how they appear to be more intense here in America compared to Jolly Ol’ England. When I worked here at (Westminster) Abbey one […]